VRS Communities Applying for Funding and Rent Subsidies for Veteran Housing

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VRS Communities Applying for Funding and Rent Subsidies for Veteran Housing

August 23, 2023 | NEWS

In recognition of PTSD Awareness Day and the many men and women of service who suffer from PTSD, we would like to acknowledge the tremendous courage of Captain Trevor Greene in his journey to recover from a devastating injury, and inspiring the vision to find solutions in PTSD and Mental Health for all Veterans and First Responders through Legion Veterans Village.

With the assistance of Dr. Ryan D’Arcy, Trevor has worked hard to “rethink what’s possible” in pushing the limits of neuroplasticity and overcome his devastating brain injury incurred during a peacekeeping mission in Afghanistan.

There was not a dry eye in the house during TEDxBearCreekPark earlier this year. The stories were incredible and in particular, Trevor Greene’s incredible journey will inspire us all to challenge boundaries and unleash our brains’ potential for positive impact and to rethink what’s possible.

VRS Communities is in the stages of applying for program funding and grant funding from the federal government and we have requested rent subsidies from BC Housing.

Together, with our partners:

  • Centre of Clinical Excellence
  • Neuromotion LVV’s Research Foundation
  • Lark Group of Companies Royal Canadian Legion Branch #229

We envision a First-Of-Its-Kind place for veterans with holistic wrap-around support such as life-style training, exercise programs, counselling and other health care services in addition to housing.

If you wish to be considered, please complete the application and email it back to lvv@vrs.org with any questions.

We are looking for veterans to apply for housing in one-bedroom, two-bedroom and one-bedroom accessible units. Once funding/subsidies are in place we anticipate 30% RGI (rent-geared to -income) structure where tenant would pay 30% of current gross monthly income.

Please note current application rent prices DO NOT reflect or include subsidies.

We greatly appreciate your patience during this process,


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