Legion Veterans Village Bringing Together Clinical Experts in Plant-Based Therapeutic Research

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Legion Veterans Village Bringing Together Clinical Experts in Plant-Based Therapeutic Research

Partners with Knowde Group to pursue research studies around medical cannabis for veterans and first responders with PTSD
March 11, 2021

Surrey, B.C. (March 11, 2021) – In a move to seek out alternative treatments for PTSD for veterans and first responders, the soon to become clinical research centre of Legion Veterans Village, is partnering with Knowde Group Inc. to bring together life science and drug development clinical research experts in plant-based therapeutic medicine.

As a Centre of Clinical Excellence for veterans and first responders with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and mental health conditions, one of the three key pillars of Legion Veterans Village’s research mandate will be to pursue clinical studies in the area of plant-based and progressive medicinal therapeutics.

Together with Knowde Group, along with HealthTech Connex’s Centre for Neurology Studies, LVV’s goal is to fill the knowledge gap and evaluate the effectiveness of plant-based and progressive medicinal therapeutics, which represents a highly under researched field of study, in treating PTSD and mental health symptoms for veterans and first responders.

“Despite its availability in Canada, there remains limited research on the use and efficacy of medical cannabis in PTSD patients,” says Rowena Rizzotti, Vice President of Healthcare and Innovations and project lead for Legion Veterans Village. “We are pleased to partner with and leverage Knowde Group’s research expertise and insight to pursue potential treatment options for PTSD for our veterans and first responders.”

Knowde Group is a contract research organization (CRO) and hybrid consultancy company supporting research and the international advancement of plant-based therapeutics. The clinical research company has an accumulative experience of more than 40 years in life science & drug development and prides itself of having the passion to change and shift the health paradigm from traditional pharmaceuticals to the emerging area of plant-based medicine.

Knowde Group provides regulatory support, education and training to support plant-based medicine and psychedelics, as well as clinical lab and testing services to delivers quantitative data to understand valuable information on how drugs interact with humans.

"At Knowde Group, our clinical research and medical backgrounds coupled with our knowledge of the medical cannabis and psychedelics industry provide us with unique expertise in the field. We are hyper-focused on advancing the pharmaceutical potential of plant-based and progressive therapeutics,” says Jaspreet Grewal, CEO of Knowde Group Inc., who has more than 15 years of experience in medical cannabis and life sciences.

“We truly value this incredible partnership with LVV to develop plant-based and psychedelic research programs for veterans and first responders and we’re eager to build a healthy and sustainable plant-based and progressive medicine infrastructure." Sabrina RamkellawanCOO of Knowde Group Inc., who has conducted 12 clinical trials with cannabis. 

About Knowde Group Inc.

Knowde Group, Inc is a Canadian-based, Global Contract Research Organisation (CRO) and Hybrid Consultancy dedicated to the advancement of Plant-Based and Progressive Therapeutics. Founded in early 2020, Knowde Group is a female-founded and led organisation. As a decentralised CRO, Knowde Group can engage and project manage clinical trials around the globe. As a catalyst, Knowde Group embraces the shifting paradigm of treatment protocols and pharmaceutical applications of medicinal cannabis, psychedelics, novel technology and devices. In addition to its clinical trial support, Knowde Group is a provider of accredited continuing medical education and providing its clients with a strategic pathway to commercialisation. www.knowdegroup.com

Legion Veterans Village (LVV)

The Legion Veterans Village is a unique $312-million, two-phase, multi-purpose social infrastructure project in the City of Surrey, led by the Whalley Legion along with the BC/Yukon Command of the Royal Canadian Legion and the Lark Group. The project includes a mix of 496 market housing condominiums, 91 affordable housing units, a Clinical Centre for Excellence for veterans and first responders focusing on PTSD and mental health, an Innovation Centre for Rehabilitation and a new facility for the Whalley Legion Branch 229.

Once completed (slated for late 2022), a key priority will be the integrated delivery of a continuum of programs and services for veterans and first responders, as well as contributing training and research towards new practices, interventions and technologies in mental health, counselling, engineering, robotics and advancements in neuroscience, etc. www.legionveteransvillage.com


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