The Legion Veterans Village will be the host of the
Centre of Excellence in PTSD and Mental Health

Innovative Centre for Rehabilitation

Centre of Excellence in PTSD and Mental Health
A key priority will be the integrated delivery of a continuum of programs and services for Veterans and First Responders, as well as contributing training and research towards new practices, interventions and technologies in mental health, counselling, engineering, robotics and advancements in neuroscience, etc.

Innovative Centre for Rehabilitation
Innovative Centre for Rehabilitation
LVV will generate active research and science collaborations, as well as utilize multiple innovative technologies, clinical, offer teaching and rehabilitation spaces all specifically focused on transforming care for Veterans while building an integrated continuum of programs and services for suffering Veterans, First Responders, and their families.

  • Clinical internships and training for all clinical disciplines
  • Building evidence in both engineering, neuroscience and social sciences
  • Partnerships with other academic and teaching institutions

  • Responding to evolving needs of veterans and first responders and their families
  • Integrating supports and services to improve access and reduce gaps in care and services

  • Integrated vocational and training supports
  • Focused on building advancing practices to improve outcomes
  • Modeling/teaching best practice and “proof of concept” initiatives
  • Developing champions and building capacity in others to replicate successful models

  • Facilitating development and implementation of innovative practices
  • Support ongoing clinical trials and studies in areas of PTSD, mental health and rehabilitation
  • Partnership with the Health and Technology District’s HealthTech Innovation Hub

  • Interdisciplinary programs and services for veterans, first responders and community
  • Building and providing research and evidence-based practices
  • Attracting talented and passionate clinicians and partners to build a pan Canadian network

  • Link to industry groups, professional associations, teaching institutions, clinical specialists
  • Building a vision towards improved experiences for veterans and first responders.


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